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Footy! Footy! Footy!

Footy! Footy! Footy!

The Annual AFL Grand Final party at Mayflower’s Reservoir Aged Care facility provides the perfect lead in to the big day. One of the hottest events on the annual event calendar, this fun filled afternoon is embraced with the enthusiasm of the most avid footy supporter.

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Staff, residents and volunteers came dressed in their favourite footy team colours, to enjoy an afternoon of games, entertainment and laughter.

The afternoon’s entertainment included the hotly contested handball competition, with residents competing to see who could get the most handballs in the target.

Staff also had a go, but couldn’t match the skills of the residents, with Tony Venetakis, Bruce Stanbury and Margaret Doyle taking the trophies. Carlton fan, Campbell Hirst, was also excited to receive a trophy for winning the Mayflower Footy Tipping Competition for 2019, along with a Carlton footy.

The afternoon concluded with a traditional footy feast, as what would an AFL Grand Final celebration be without pies and footy franks?

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