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Employment at Mayflower

Working with Mayflower, you can be proud that what you do every day is to care for and enrich the lives of our residents. 

From nurses and PCAs to cooks, environmental services, lifestyle, and administration, we believe every team member involved in the journey of caring for our residents has an impact in delivering our Vision of “Care Without Compromise”.

Mayflower endeavours for all employees to feel welcomed, valued and safe in their roles.  We believe employment is more than just a job and aim to encourage this by offering a number of employee benefits.


Please click the links below to download a document with more information about our current positions available.

Home Care Support Worker

Domestic Assistants - Homecare

Personal Care Worker, Domestic Assistants - Mayflower Brighton 

Food Services Assistant 

Care and Leisure Support Coordinator

Client Liaison and Intake Officer


If you are an experienced aged care worker (nurse, carer or cleaner) and would like to offer your support to Mayflower, please submit your interest on the form as the bottom of this page.

We are always on the lookout for motivated and professional employees, to meet our upcoming workforce needs.  Please submit your resume, relevant qualifications, a little about yourself/your background and specify which home you would be interested in working for (either Mayflower Brighton or Reservoir).

Work Placement

Mayflower is committed to supporting the development of a high quality aged care workforce, and works with Education Providers to help students gain essential knowledge and skills to work with older people. 

Our Homes at Brighton and Reservoir place students from a range of courses, including Nursing Diploma, Certificate IV Ageing Support, Certificate III Individual Support and Allied Health Courses.

We welcome enquiries from Education Providers who are seeking placement for students, and are committed to providing high quality learning experiences for students.

If you are a student currently completing studies and seeking placement, please talk with your Education Provider to see if they have set up a partnership to place students with us. 


Competitive remuneration including salary packaging

Mayflower offers competitive salaries by paying above industry standard.  As Mayflower is a not for profit organisation, salary packaging is also on offer and allows employees to access part of their salary before tax for living expenses (rent, mortgage, credit card, school fees). By accessing this benefit, employees pay less tax and receive more money in their take home pay.

Employee assistance program

Mayflower offers employees and their immediate family access to an external employee assistance program.  This is a free and confidential service that supports wellbeing through counselling for any work-related or personal issues.

Annual service recognition

We truly value the loyalty of our long-standing employees at Mayflower so we believe their commitment should be celebrated! We do this through our service recognition program. Recognition takes place at 5 yearly increments of service and is formally celebrated during Aged Care Employee Day in August each year.

Generous leave options 

A number of leave options are available to eligible Mayflower employees to support life stages and personal circumstances including employer paid parental leave, purchased annual leave and other leave entitlements.

Celebration days 

At Mayflower we like to celebrate and share important occasions together. Most importantly, we want to recognise those occasions that are most meaningful to our employees and residents.  Mayflower focuses on celebrating days based on employee preferences and feedback, whether it be a cultural, fundraising, celebratory or acknowledgement day. Suggestions on what days to celebrate and how these celebrations occur, are encouraged.  

Comprehensive and supportive orientation process

All employees are provided with a comprehensive orientation when they commence with Mayflower to ensure they are set up for success. During orientation our employees gain a greater understanding of what we are striving to achieve and what a good job looks like. We do this by sharing expectations and key policies, procedures and processes.

Employee representative groups 

At Mayflower we recognise our employees know their workplace better than anyone else, that is why we aim to consult with and receive input from them on as many matters as possible.  We do this through the use of employee representative groups who have been peer nominated to provide input on behalf of their wider team. These groups provide valued insights and input on important decisions that promotes the best possible experience for both our employees and residents.  

Professional development and education opportunities

Mayflower is committed to continuous development of all employees.  All employees are provided with ongoing support and feedback in relation to their performance and career aspirations.  Tailored training and learning opportunities that support both mandatory education as well as individual learning desires are also on offer. 

Leadership development & networking opportunities 

In addition to Mayflower’s learning programs, we run regular Leadership meetings and workshops to set our Leaders up for success. Whether it be to share important information and updates or provide training and support, we are focused on making sure our Leaders have the right information and tools they need, so they can work with their teams to achieve success.    

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